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Top 36 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel 2022

Top keyboard shortcuts for Excel [must know in 2022]

Microsoft is spreadsheet developed by Microsoft Company for different operating systems. For instance Windows, macOS, Android and IOS that used to record and analyses numerical data and today I want to show top 36 keyboard shortcuts for excel that helps you to .

Let’s look at shortcuts that will help you to do your work effectively in a short period of time.

1Ctrl +AUsed to select all texts 
2Ctrl +BUsed to bold texts 
3Ctrl +CUsed to copy items 
4Ctrl +DUsed to display font display dialogue box 
5Ctrl +FUsed to find documents automatically 
6Ctrl +GUsed to search a specific location in your document 
7Ctrl +HUsed to find and replace 
8Ctrl +IUsed to Italicize text 
9Ctrl +NUsed to create new documents by new tab 
10Ctrl +OUsed to open existing documents 
11Ctrl +PUsed to print a documents 
12Ctrl +SUsed to save documents 
13Ctrl +TUsed to insert table 
14Ctrl +UUsed to underline text 
15Ctrl +VUsed to paste copied text 
16Ctrl +XUsed to cut text and documents 
17Ctrl +YRedo 
18Ctrl +ZUndo 
20F3Paste Name 
21F5Go to 
22F7Used to check spelling 
23F8Extend section 
24F9Used to refresh 
25F10Used to show quick tips 
26F11Go to Next 
27F12Save as 
28Shift +spaceUsed to select a single entire row 
29Shift +enterUp 
30Shift +F3Used to insert function 
31Shift +F4Move to next cell 
32Shift +F5Used to Find and Replace 
33Shift +F6Quick Tips 
34Shift +F7Research 
35Shift +F10Right Click 
36Shift + F11New Work place 

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