Best Chrome Extensions For Android 2022

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and flexible browsers. It has many extensions that are used to customize and add different features from the Chrome web store to pc and android phones and tablets. That helps to access many purposes easily and quickly within a few seconds and minutes. Is that possible to add Google chrome extensions for the android Chrome browser?

Google doesn’t have any such auxiliary support for Chrome Web Store for its Android Browser. But this time I said yes, you can use any type of Google chrome extension to add new features and functionality on your android Chrome browser without any root or tweak required and also no hard trick. It’s simple and you can get full chrome extension access within a few steps. You can add new features to chrome by installing chrome extensions.

Google Chrome has tons of extensions used for Bloggers, Webmasters, Students, Designers, Developers, Teachers, Photographers, Shoppers, and much more.

Google Chrome currently has over one billion downloads only from the play store and hundred thousand extensions on the Chrome web store. Today I want to tell you about Chrome extensions for android.

Best Chrome Extensions For Android

Block site – Website Blocker

chrome extension for android

Want to block a website or pages Block site – Website Blocker is a great choice. You can easily block any distracting, harmful, and adult websites.

To block websites or pages first create block lists then add the web or page you want to block simply and quickly. Get automatically redirected to safer. 

Block adult sites with one click: Simply turn on the ‘block all adult sites’ toggle and the porn blocker is activated.

Parental control: You can block inappropriate or distracting sites to protect kids against immorality.

Download Block site – Website Blocker

Data Saver

Data Saver Chrome extension for android

Data Saver is an chrome extension for android that significantly reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit by using proxy servers hosted at Google to optimize website content when Data saver is enabled.

Also, a Data saver can save you some bandwidth.

Download Data Saver

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Video downloader professional 

Video Downloader Chrome extension for android

By using the video downloader chrome extension for android you can download any videos from any website easily. 

You can able to add videos easily to your list. There you have quick access to the videos and you can play them at any time you want. And it is trusted by over 4 million people.

Download Video Downloader Professional


Adblock extension for android

It is one of the most popular chrome extensions with over 60 million users and over a 200million downloads.

Adblock also blocks blog ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube ads automatically and is available for iPhone, safari, and opera.

Download Adblock

Grammarly chrome extensions for android

Grammarly chrome extension for android

Grammarly helps to write paragraphs, blog posts, messages, Letters, statements, and much more without grammar and spelling mistakes. After adding Grammarly will be checked on FaceBook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and everywhere else you write on the browser. It’s a great way to ensure your work and improve your writing skills.

Over 10 million google chrome users use the Grammarly Chrome extension.

Grammarly allows 

  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Grammar checker
Download Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App

Dark Reader chrome extensions for android

The dark reader was very useful and easy to read especially at night time. 

‘Dark reader’ extension called ‘Eye-care extensions’ helps to enable night mode creating dark themes for any website, and around 700 thousand users at this time.

Download Dark Reader

Unlimited free VPN- Hola

Hola VPN for android

Hola VPN is a free VPN and secures proxy service that provides faster and more open internet. You can access blocked websites in your country, region, company, or school by using the Hola VPN chrome extension. Over 8 million google chrome users use Hola VPN.

Download Unlimited free VPN – Hola

Other Best chrome extensions for android

  • Telegram – over 380 thousand installs
  • Tineye Reverse Image search– over 350 thousand installs 
  • Todolist- over 600 thousand installs
  • Gmail offline – Over 6 million installs

Next, I will tell you How to install chrome extensions on android, as soon as possible.

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