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Best 5 Android Apps [August 2022]

Best 5 Android Apps [August 2022]

Best 5 Android Apps [August 2022]

Millions of applications for Android phones have been developed and released to users. There are more than 3.2 million apps on Play store alone. The hard part is choosing the best of these applications and using them. In this article, we will look at the best 5 android apps [August 2022].



HeyNote - Best 5 Android Apps

You can add customized notes, well-organized lists, and photographs from your storage to your default home screen and lock screen wallpapers using the HeyNote app.

  • Add lists and notes to the wallpaper on your lock screen, home screen, or both.
  • Add notes and make each one unique (position on screen, font color, font family, transparency).
  • Reset the wallpaper at any moment to its default setting.
  • Change the background of your wallpaper.
  • Live previews of the wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen.

This app is not just for taking notes. Also you can able to add quotes to your background. You won’t forget anything by using HeyNote. HeyNote will automatically check your notes each time you open your phone or because your backgrounds. Which can be modified at any moment, will feature lovely words or quotes.

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Super Status Bar

Super Status - Best 5 Android Apps

With Super Status Bar, you may customize your status bar with beneficial additions like gestures, notification previews, and fast brightness and volume controls. The application and all of its adjustments are completely customizable, making it convenient to change anything you want.


  • Simply swipe alongside the status bar to speedy regulate the brightness and volume.
  • Has volume controls for track/media, ring, notifications, voice calls, and alarms similarly to brightness control.
  • Able to apprehend the type of sound being performed automatically. Swiping alongside the status bar will alter the volume of any track you are listening to.
Download super status bar
Download super status bar

Telegram bots

Telegram Bots - Best 5 Android Apps

Telegram bots is a straightforward web application for finding bots in Telegram. As the name “bot list” implies, here is a location where you may locate bots of any category as needed.

In addition, the Telegram bot offer the possibility for you to add your own Telegram bots which will be thoroughly evaluated by the moderators. Therefore, feel free to remove your bots from the list, report any that are inactive, or both.

Main features include:

  • Search across many categories
  • Mini bot profile
  • Add your own creations
  • Manual moderator approval of requests

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Launcher iPhone

Iphone launcher Android App

You can able to differentiate your style from that of your friends. It’s simple; just switch your phone to iOS mode.

Launcher iPhone Features

  • All-in-One: Home Screen, Control Center, Notification Center, Lock Screen, and Assistive Touch
  • Smart group: a group of applications and unlimited groups, with an unlimited number of applications in each group. Change icon: You can change the application’s icon to your liking. Custom status bar: The status bar is changed to a new style.
  • Gestures: You can set up a variety of gestures, including swipe, swipe down, and home button actions.
  • Customization: Alter the desktop grid, enable limitless scrolling, reveal or conceal the search bar, alter folder preview, and many other features!


We take a look at an Android app that allows you to choose the best location for your Wi-Fi and 5G internet connection in an interesting way.

Imagine your current WiFi or cellular network in augmented reality.

  • Signal strength: Locate the best WiFi access point (AP)
  • Get the connection’s current speed value.
  • Ping score find the place with the lowest latency to play online games without lag Wi-Fi, 5G, and LTE mode
  • Find neighboring networks that affect and degrade the quality of your connection. To lessen that effect, attempt to use a different channel in your router’s settings.

Pika! Charging show

Pika Charging animation android app

A fun charging animation is now available! Let the crowd’s coolest boy be you right away!

An image is made smooth and delicate with dozens of beautiful charging animations that never drop frames. Reject “PPT”-style images and substitute other, more energizing feelings

There is no need to manually launch the APP after plugging in the charging cable; the charging animation appears on the phone screen right away.


That is enough for Best 5 Android Apps, Thank you for reading I hope this article is helpful for you and if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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