40 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

40 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

What is a Keyboard shortcut? Windows keyboard shortcuts are a combination of two or more keys used to execute certain tasks quickly by replacing the mouse function.

Here are 40 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows that must know especially for Windows operating users.

NoShortcut keysDescription
1Windows +AGo to Action center it shows notifications and provides Quick access.
2Windows +BShow hidden icons
3Windows +CTo talk with Cortana.
4Windows +DBack to Desktop or minimize all running apps.
5Windows +EOpen File Explorer
6Windows +F Search files and folders
7Windows +HShare
8Windows +IGo to setting
9Windows +KOpen Bluetooth setting to connect with Wireless display and audio device.
10Windows +LUsed to Lock your Device
11Windows +NUsed for search files and folders started by “N”.
12Windows +PDisplay.
13Windows +QSearch the Web and Windows.
14Windows +RRun.
15Windows +SSearch the Web and Windows
16Windows +TTaskbar
17Windows +UEase of Access Center
18Windows +WUsed for search files and folders started by “W”
19Windows +XOpen Quick Link Menu
20Windows +PrtscUsed to take Screenshot and saves them as PNG file extension. You can get saved screenshots on PC < Pictures < Screenshot.
21Windows +TabUsed to open task view. It shows all your opened App Thumbnails.
22Windows +Ctrl+ DAdd a new desktop, use Windows +Ctrl + F4 t to go to the previous Desktop.
23Windows +Ctrl + F4Used to close new desktop and return to Back.
24Windows +Left arrowUsed to snap a window, current widows on the left position.
25Windows +Right arrowUsed to snap a window, current widows in the right position.  
26F1Help, with how to do suggestions.
27F2Used for Rename folder and Documents. Click your file to rename it and press’ F2’.
29F5Used to refresh your device.
30Ctrl + Shift +EscGo to Task Manager. It shows everything running on your device including background processes; you can close unwanted or ‘Note responding’ actions easily.
31Ctrl +EscBring up the start menu.
32Ctrl +ASelect all documents
33Ctrl +CCopy documents or files
34Ctrl +Lgo to the browser address bar.
35Ctrl +NOpen a new file.
36Ctrl +VPaste copied file or document.
37Ctrl +WUsed to close opened documents or windows.
38Ctrl +XCut files and documents.
39Ctrl +yRedo
40Ctrl +ZUndo

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